Clients of the companies that render services of international transportation demand for today increasingly high-quality, safe and fast delivery of freights. For clients who sign the foreign trade contracts, and also for insurance companies which are engaged in insurance of the international freights, it is extremely important to know the freight runways in other countries. During the international transportations the location of the car in other country causes difficulties in the control organization of both the car and the driver safety, and the safety of transported freight. So for the effective work in the market of international transportation the companies should have competitive advantages.

The usage of Benish GPS satellite technologies is the most effective and innovative solution in the control systems implementation for the companies of international transport segment which will be able to become your competitive advantage.

After system installation at the enterprise the following problems are solved:

  • Monitoring and control of the location, driving direction, speed of vehicles in any spot of the Earth, both in online mode, and in close to  online mode.
  • Control of working hours, rest-hours of the driver and timely execution of the task.
  • Control of stopping time on a route and registration of the facts of illegal stops.
  • Keeping records of vehicles mileage during and after hours.
  • Improving safety of both vehicles, and transported freight by controlling the travel speed.
  • Forming the company’s real fuel limits by registration of fuel drains and fillings.
  • Fixing inappropriate use of transport with the further action for its reduction.
  • Forecasting and control of the car arriving at the warehouse or a place of loading, unloading.
  • Planning, control and fixing deviation from routes.
  • Control and detection of non-normative use of vehicles.
  • Storage of all information on vehicle moving in a database on the server protected from hacking.
  • Work simplification of transport department by introduction of the automatic account of each vehicle functionment with its further analysis and unloading into other programs.

Installation of our system will help your company on the one hand to increase the speed of transportations, and on the other hand to ensure safety of transportations

Your clients will receive better service, and your company – competitive advantages in the market of freight transportation. 

The companies which use the complex solution of GPS monitoring:

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and others.

As a part of this solution the following products are used:

Satellite-based vehicle monitoring
Electronic lock BeniLock

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