The pharmaceutical sector is becoming more and more perspective, fast-growth market. Problems and challenges facing the pharmaceutical market players require effective dialogue and general search for the best forms of development. Particularly it refers to the pharmaceutical companies which have the big staff of medical representatives, area managers. It is very important for such companies to control the work of the field staff in view of remoteness of employees from the company's headquarters. Similar tasks are in power only for satellite systems of vehicle and personnel monitoring.  

The automated systems of transport monitoring from Benish GPS help area managers and external services executives of the companies to:

  • keep an eye on cars' location and movement,
  • monitor attendance points (pharmacies, clinics),
  • control the timely beginning of the working day.

Transportation Department staff can:

  • divide vehicles mileage during the working time and nonworking time,
  • improve safety of employees by speed control,
  • create company’s real fuel limits and reduce improper use of transport.

Very often the pharmaceutical companies’ representatives work using the company vehicles and receive compensation for the fuel spent during the working day. To check how honestly the employee of the company gives an account of the fuel spent on working needs is impossible. And as experience shows, after introduction of the vehicle monitoring system savings on fuel are 15-30%. Besides the vehicle fleet operation costs are optimized by means of:

  • reduction of cars maintenance costs,
  • reduction of road traffic accidents quantity,
  • the company’s Transportation Department work simplification.

As of today among the pharmaceutical companies which have installed automation systems of vehicles and employees monitoring there are such companies, as:

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and others.

As a part of this solution the following products are used:

Satellite vehicle monitoring system
Satellite employees monitoring BeniFone

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