Transport is one of the master cost objects at the wholesale business. The consequences of transportation system malfunction are untimely pass-out of merchandise and, as a result, losses of enterprises and even their bankruptcy. To avoid this you must always take into account the freight characteristics, location of final points of supply, and as a result deliver freight in time, without damages and losses.

Also one of widespread problems is fuel theft. It is possible to list the main drivers’ machinations such as usage of machinery and transport by the driver for personal advantage: underhand routes, parergon for the own cheek. The driver can go on his own business or half of the day to stay in recess. In other cases they use fuel drain, write-off of money on account of purchase.

In the large companies there are tens and hundreds of cars. So you can multiply the flowed-away liters of fuel by the number of cars and calculate how much money you would spend on the development of the company, the purchase of new equipment.

Control is necessary: how the equipment is operated, as the company paid for its purchase and it is the company which should exploit its machinery for its purposes and to spend money for gasoline according to its machinery functionment.

For improving service reliability, reduction lead time, increasing flexibility in the complex transportations of goods, developing trusting relationships with customers the Benish GPS company suggests introduction a unique satellite system of vehicles GPS monitoring to the wholesale and retail trade businesses.

The GPS monitoring system from the Benish GPS company represents the complex solution of existed problems, more specifically it provides:

  • Considerable fuel saving;
  • Quality transport logistics and routes optimization;
  • Control of speed rate and time on a route;
  • Constant and reliable control of transport and freight location;
  • Efficiency of vehicles use;
  • Reduction of the excess of established standards (speeding, deviation from the route);
  • route control and management  in real time;
  • Safety of drivers, freights and vehicles;
  • Exception of improper use of machinery;
  • Discipline of drivers and dispatchers;
  • Stability in rendering services;
  • Satisfaction of clients-cargo receiver;
  • Reduction of expenses on fuel and the expenses connected with it;
  • Reduction of expenses on vehicles maintenance operation;
  • Reduction of expenses on mobile communication;
  • Increasing the useful life of vehicles;
  • Constant access to extensive analytical information and reports.

The experience of many companies proves that the best way to control the operation of machinery and control the fuel flow is a GPS vehicle monitoring system from the Benish GPS company. It provides not just the reliable information, but also displays this information as it will be handy for reporting all over the vehicle park, allows to optimize the working process (the machinery stands idle less, a larger volume of work is carried out, etc.).

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and others.

As a part of this solution the following products are used:

Satellite vehicle monitoring system
Satellite employees monitoring BeniFone
Electronic lock BeniLock

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