gps мониторинг транспорта

While lend-leasing a car to clients a leasing company undertakes plenty risks connected with damaging, short life or even loss of vehicle.

The system of satellite monitoring from the Benish GPS company allows defining where and also quite how vehicles or machinery operate, whether the operation modes are broken or not:

  • Whether the riding is carried out in a certain geographical zone (for example around the territory of Ukraine);
  • Whether the high-speed mode is broken;
  • Whether the engine overheats because of a frequent driving with increased rpm;
  • Whether the aggressive style of driving was used.


Introduction of GPS monitoring system in your company will allow:

  • To reduce insurance risks;
  • To improve safety of vehicles;
  • To monitor compliance of leasing contract;
  • To withdraw the vehicle from the unfair lessee easily;
  • To increase the period of vehicles operation;
  • Access to reports and analytical information;
  • To improve service level for reliable lessees through access to their vehicle fleet.

Your clients will receive better service, and your company – competitive advantages in the market of leasing service.

As of today GPS solutions for the leasing are used by such companies, as:

украгролзинг решение джи пи ес алд автомотив авис ваб лизинг

and others.

As a part of this solution the following products are used:

Satellite-based vehicle monitoring

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