For the financial sector Benish GPS offers the following solutions: satellite vehicle monitoring system for cash logistics and company vehicles, the automated system of secured transport monitoring and regional employees remote touch system.

The monitoring system for cash logistics cars is a strong requirement of National Bank of Ukraine. Except the increased safety, this system gives all advantages of vehicle monitoring system:

  • control of predetermined points visits,
  • routes optimization,
  • decrease of limits on fuel,
  • increase of cash logistics service staff discipline.

The auto lending market continues restoring after the 2008 crisis. Then banks faced with a car credit default and even loss of a large number of secured transport.

In order to avoid such problems in the future, our company offers to use an automation control system of secured transport. This system can mitigate the risks significantly and improve efficiency of different bank departments.

By means of the automation system of secured transport monitoring it is possible to trace the car in case of its theft that will be a step towards to conscientious clients. In case of payment failure the automation system of monitoring will allow to trace the vehicle location for its further withdrawal and theft avoidance easily. The information on vehicle operation which is contained in the system will be useful for further car valuation.

Introduction of the satellite system of employees monitoring by means of BeniFone tracker helps to set effective control of rational use of working hours and quality of work of financial companies' personnel.

 As of today among the companies of the financial sector which have installed automation systems of vehicles and employees monitoring there are such companies, as:

privatbgps alfa gps ukrgazbank chrest

and others.

As a part of this solution the following products are used:

Satellite-based vehicle monitoring
Electronic lock BeniLock

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