The power sector of Ukraine is a basis of national economy, and also the most important factor of its development. Thus the welfare of all the country will depend on the way in which the strategy of power sector development will be realized. One of the efficient instruments for achieving these goals is prudent use of resources due to introduction of satellite systems of transport monitoring.

Use of satellite monitoring system allows:

  • to control the state of grids and power consumption using control over the movement and operational communication with controllers and inspectors,
  • to respond to emergency calls rapidly,
  • to receive information about the actual location of the emergency aid cars that will allow to appoint routes of movement correctly and as a result to use human, material and technical resources effectually,
  • to control embedded component on fuel and material and technical supplies service.

Such tasks are in power only to satellite monitoring and collection of information systems.

As of today among the energy companies which have installed automated systems of vehicles and employees monitoring there are such companies, as:

одессаобленерго житомир мониторинг транспорта кировоград система мониторинга днепрогаз

and others.

As a part of this solution the following products are used:

Satellite-based vehicle monitoring
Satellite monitoring of employees BeniFone
Electronic lock BeniLock

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