In conditions of Ukraine construction market growth caused by continuous increasing  rate of construction, there is a high level of competition. A large proportion of cost of building materials delivery services is caused by transportation costs. The workload of cars can come up to 24 hours per day, the mileage can exceed 25000 km per month and drivers can work overtime that leads the increase of accident risk. The underhand routes, unreasonable standby unattended time of vehicles, theft of fuel and emergency repairs because of negligent attitude to machinery significantly increases company expenses. Also it should be noted rather high percent of construction materials theft at a stage of their transportation, and, as a result, a tension of the relations with suppliers and customers in disputable situations and loss of the company reputation is observed.

Satellite GPS monitoring from the Benish GPS company leads to the operational efficiency of your company and solves the following problems:

  • Detection and further liquidation of the underhand routes and unreasonable standby unattended time, work control in an idling mode for the purpose of the subsequent increase of discipline in the driver's collective of vehicle fleet.
  • Decrease the cases of fuel theft and fuel consumption due to decrease of operational kilometers.
  • Inspectation of the actual expense, fuel discharge and refueling.
  • Realization of vehicle fleet optimum work load, timely general inspection.
  • To control the time and truck dump.
  • To control the specialty vehicles mechanisms, to define their engaging points, shutoff for the purpose of the further analysis of operation out of the permitted bands of locations.
  • Carrying out the automatic check of entrance and leaving the particular objects of the enterprise, and also its contractors, taking into account the number of hauls and hours of idle time onsite.

Providing information in the form of reports on machinery operation, allowing to estimate overall performance on each object of the concrete vehicle, each driver and in consequence, to make effective administrative and optimizing solutions.

As a part of this solution the following products are used:
Satellite-based vehicle monitoring
Satellite monitoring of employees BeniFone

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