At the present stage of agricultural development just scientific and technical activity can become a real basis of innovation processes in agribusiness industry that provides its effective operation and competitive growth of agricultural products.

Here the decisive role belongs to introduction of scientific and technological progress achievements, improvement of means and forms of manufacturing process management of agricultural production.

Executives of agricultural enterprises often do not even know the exact dimensions of their own acreages, how much fuel tractor should use, how much irrigation is necessary, what average yield capacity for each area of ​​the field is, what the right way to work the soil is.

The solution to these integrated problems is possible by the use of specialized hardware and software based on GPS-technology.

The BENISH AGRO system is designated for a complex automation of the agricultural enterprise management and provides management of agrarian technologies, monitoring of company’s mobile hardware on the basis of GPS navigation.

Using this system it is possible to control such parameters:

  • To control movement of the machinery in the online mode
  • To receive operational information about the current location of machinery
  • To rate optimal routes of machinery
  • Possibility to plot on a map geographical zones - fields, slots
  • To control fuel consumption rate, to register fuel draining and fuel tanking
  • To make exact calculation of engine hour, as idling, and on the run
  • To control crops, processing, field works on slots
  • To measure the area of fields, to keep records of the farmlands
  • Possibility to print the field map 
  • Assignment of object for agricultural machinery to execute necessary operation on a concrete slot (to sow, weed, fertilize, etc.).
  • The tractor-drawn implements activity identification (seed drill, plow, potato-planter and so forth)
  • Tracking of grain weight in the bin, and also counting of milled and landed bins

The agro-industrial companies using the complex solution for the agrarian sphere:

агро мониторинг агро мониторинг техники

and others.

As a part of this solution the following products are used:

Satellite vehicle monitoring system
Satellite employees monitoring BeniFone

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