Benish gps is VODAFONE AUTOMOTIVE national service provider in Ukraine

Vodafone Guardian (VG)

Perfect product for prevent attempted theft and tracking hijacked car

Principle of the system operation

Scheme Scheme

Advantages of the Vodafone Guardian system

  • Round the clock control center support
  • Car perimeter security* *in dependence of car's complectation, please check with the National Service Provider for details
  • Monitoring and analysis of trips
  • Automatic activation and deactivation of the guard mode
  • Panic button
  • Online monitoring via website and mobile app

System react on:

  • attempt to unauthorized ignition
  • unauthorized disconnection from the power supply system
  • movement of the car in the guard mode

All equipment alarms come to the Benish GPS Secure Operating Center.
The center monitors the safety of the vehicle in 24/7 mode, and in the event of an alarm, the operators are authorized to call the police immediately to the scene.

Secure operating center

+380 (44) 490 66 02

For activating the system please call the manager by +380 (44) 490 66 01

Do you have any question?

«VG user manual»

Vodafone Gurdian system operation manual download

«Rates VG»

Rates for Vodafone Gurdian users

«Rules VG»

Rules for users of Vodafone Gurdian services read

«Application form»

The application form of accession to the Rules for the Vodafone Gurdian system users

Application form for individuals

Application form for legal entities

Mobile app My Connected Car

Allows you to monitor the condition of the car in real time


Functions of app

  • Car locating

  • Setting of personal geozones

  • Special modes

  • Travel report

  • SOS-call to the operator

  • Speed warning

Vodafone Automotive

Countries of vodafone automotive presence

Карта мира
The world leader in the development and implementation of integrated solutions in such areas as: vehicle security, fleet dispatching and smart insurance. All services are provided based on GPS/GSM technologies in the OEM, OES and Aftermarket.
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