GPS monitoring system BeniFone Family

BeniFone GPS/GSM tracker is a compact device for constant monitoring of location and speed of movements of any object.

Is used for control of location of children and elderly people, sending an alarm signal, fielding and making calls.

Fundamental functionality:

  • the personal tracker allows to control location of children in online mode
  • personal tracker has a SOS button. While pressing it the alarm message with coordinates will be delivered to a pre-recorded in a tracker mobile number upon incurrence of emergency situations
  • the tracker keep a two-way communication, it is provided by the built-in microphone and dynamic
  • speed dialing buttons allow to call from the device on in predetermined numbers
  • possibility to save the navigation data in non-volatile memory of personal tracker with further reading
  • geo-fence support (control of school attendance)
  • secure online access to monitor the device
  • SMS notification of battery discharge
  • key locking of a personal tracker
  • simplicity in handling and running time of a personal tracker.
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