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Less secrets to keep will get you good sleep. So the vulgar saying says, but not in the case when it concerns the safety of your warehouse, shop or transported material values. For your peaceful sleep and at the same time information about your property awareness we offer an innovative solution based on one of the world's manufacturers of locks in the world BeniLock lock.

The lock BeniLock lock is a reliable keeper of your values which will protect them,  notify you about unauthorized opening or breaking using modern electronic technologies.

With its help you can also control the time of your shop or kiosk openings and closings.

Besides, in case of lock installation on transported freight, you will receive the exact coordinates of the location of undesired events.

BeniLock represents a combination of:

  • Safe padlock
  • GPS system of position determination
  • Communication systems

Altogether they provide the registration of event and information about location in real time mode with the further transfer by e-mail, text messages or specialized web applications for control and the further analysis of data.

Advantages and opportunities

High quality of the key lock is reliability, durability and the advanced protection against key duplication.

Events which can be registered by the lock:

  • Lock opening/closing;
  • Registration of the bitten or broken-off handle of the lock;
  • Vibrations when sawing a handle of the lock (option);
  • Beating the lock, in case of a lock knocking off with help of hammer, a sledge-hammer (option;
  • Registration of falling of the lock, for example together with a door of gate (option);
  • Temperature increase registration in case of heating of a handle of the lock (option);
  • Registration of lighting of the lock by a flashlight in a night-time (option).

The GPS coordinates of the lock are sent in case of any notification. It will allow to find the object on the map quickly in case of its installation on moving objects.

In case of opening or closing of the lock there is a notification in real time mode through special service in the monitoring program or through SMS on phone. Object coordinates also are transferred in the notification; thereby the user will be able to find without effort a place where the lock was put.

There is a possibility to create reports about the closing/opening the lock that allows to keep the further analysis of the working hours of the store, kiosk, etc. and may increase operational efficiency and result a cost-cutting.

In case of lock installation on moving objects there is a possibility of location data output through the specified interval from 10 minutes to 48 hours*


Helps to identify and fix the theft of both staff and malefactors who have stolen the key of the lock, fixing the opening and closing of the lock in an unauthorized time; it can be relevant for warehouses.

The lock works without the necessity of additional wires leading and is effective even in remote and hard-to-reach places.

BeniLock is a result of joint efforts and development of the Starcom System and Benish GPS companies the leaders of branch. Experience, professionalism and innovations provided an uncompromising high quality product which will provide realization of your requirements.

Ease of use
After a simple installation, as well as a mobile phone, the lock is in working condition. You only need to change the battery. . In case of sending 12 events per day, the battery lasts for 42 days. When the battery is low the lock sends a message about it.


*The settings of this function for very frequent sending the coordinates results a rapid discharge of the battery, for example, in case of sending a message each hour, the installed battery will last for 5 days.

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