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«Dear customer!»

Here you have an opportunity to pay for Benish GPS services via VISA and Master Card bank cards! For this, you need to fill out the form below and select the appropriate payment method.

  • If you are a PrivatBank client and registered in Privat24 system login your account at приватбанк

  • Also you can use online payment system portmone

    To pay for Benish GPS services with a credit card, you must enter the following fields in the form:
  • card number - 16 digits on the front side of the card, enter numbers without spaces;
  • CVV or CVV2 code - 3 digits on the back of the card. If there are more digits, enter the last 3, if there is no such code on the card, contact the bank that issued the card to clarify the details;
  • Card validity period - month and year indicated on the front side of the card;
  • name of card holder (in Latin letters).

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