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01 October

The arson attack of Nissan in Sumy: how OutGUARD helped to save cars parked nearby

Benish GPS

In Sumy, an attacker set fire to a car on the night of September 24 at 02:22. All vehicles parked nearby were in danger. Among them was a car of Benish GPS client. The OutGUARD external sensor responded to the alarm and sent a signal to the Dispatch Center. Thanks to a timely call, the owner of the car woke up, looked out the window at his car, saw a fire nearby and quickly managed to drive away the car until the flames spread to it.

Cameras recorded how in Sumy an unknown person poured flammable liquid on Nissan and set fire to the car. It happened on the night of September 24 at 2:22 a.m., so people of nearby houses slept and did not notice what had happened.

Benish GPS

A car equipped with Benish GUARD satellite protection was parked near the burning Nissan. The sensor responds to the impact and tilt, and the operator received an alarm notification.

A specialist from Benish GPS Dispatch Center immediately called the owner and asked to check the condition of the car. The client saw that another car was on fire nearby and asked to call the fire brigade immediately.

The firemen arrived at the scene 7 minutes later and quickly extinguished the fire. 5 cars were saved.

Benish GPS

Benish GPS

The main version of Benish GPS car safety experts: OutGUARD reacted to the explosion of Nissan tires.

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