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28 April


Benish GPS

The warm summer months are a traditional period of vacations, family time and travel, but not for hijackers. According to statistics from recent years, from May to August there is a peak in car thefts in Ukraine. Any car that does not have additional protection can be a trickery for intruders, but at the same time there are cars that are in high demand among car thieves. On the eve of the hijacking season, Benish GPS shares its analytical data: how, when and which cars are most wanted among hijack in Ukraine.

Benish GPS Dispatch center processes about 900 alarms daily, which may indicate attempts to seize customers' cars. Based on these data, we show the basic patterns and trends of hijackers.

Every fifth car that they tried to steal from the beginning of 2020 is Toyota. Such data is shown by the internal statistics of the Benish GPS Dispatch center. Attempts to hijack the Japanese bestseller counted as much as 21% of the total. BMW came close to them, with an indicator of 19%, and Mercedes-Benz closes the top three leaders - 16%, respectively. 

Benish GPS

On a territorial basis, as always, Kyiv and Kyiv region are the leaders, which account for more than half of the cases. They are followed by Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv and Dnipropetrivsk regions. But the time of day when the attackers were active, suddenly changed. If earlier great activity was observed at night, then from the beginning of 2020, failed hijackers went on a “hunt” in business time, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, when car owners are busy working in the office.

Benish GPS

How do car thefts occur? Most often, car thieves try to take over another's car by unauthorized opening of car doors - 54% of the total number of car theft attempts. Also, in 31% of cases, the Dispatch center recorded alarms from the Benish GUARD system, which indicated attempts to steal by tilting or towing cars. In such situations, the most reliable way to protect the car from theft is to install an additional protection system.

The most effective security system to date is the Benish GUARD system. Even if an attacker can open the door lock or break a window, he will not be able to get the car owner’s Benish GUARD personal code and leave in the car he likes. A keyboard for entering a personal code is located in the car: starting the engine is possible only after entering the correct combination of numbers. As soon as the attacker tries to open the car, a signal about unauthorized actions will be sent to the Benish GPS Dispatch center. Dispatch center employees will immediately contact the car owner and, if necessary, call a police patrol to the scene. Benish GPS Dispatch center operates 24/7, without days off and breaks for the possibility of instant response in the event of alarms from Benish GUARD security systems.

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