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23 September

We present a satellite security system Benish GUARD Premium to the owners of the new Hyundai

Benish GPS, in partnership with Hyundai Dar-Auto, has prepared a solution for the best Hyundai protection. When buying a new Hyundai, you no longer need to worry about its safety, because it is already equipped with satellite protection. Plus, you get 3 years of service as a gift! The 24-hour Benish GPS Dispatch center will record all signals from the system and notify the car owner in case of danger.

 Benish GPS

An unofficial rule of every car owner: "First protect the four-wheeler, and then – everything else." And this is not surprising, considering the increase in the statistics of attempts to steal a car. We at Benish GPS are convinced that driving should give pleasure, not additional fears. That's why we've teamed up with Hyundai Dar-Auto to give you the most reliable protection when you buy a new Hyundai. Your future car is immediately safe with the Benish GUARD Premium complex.


Why satellite protection?


1. Round-the-clock control 

You can check the condition of the car and the system simply with a smartphone. In addition, the operator of the Dispatch Center constantly monitors the signals from the system.


2. Comprehensive solution

Benish GUARD Premium is not just the equipment, that's all. You get full service and round-the-clock support. Benish GPS specialists are available 24/7 to help with any emergency situation on the road.

 Benish GPS


3. Driver identification algorithm

The system is equipped with a special keyboard for entering a personal PIN code. If it is not entered within 30 seconds, the system activates a silent alarm mode and immediately informs the operator of the Dispatch Center and the car owner about the danger.


 4. Instant response to alarms

Benish GUARD Premium completely controls the perimeter of the car. If there is an unauthorized attempt to open the door, trunk or hood, the system will notify you immediately. If the security equipment is disconnected from the power supply, you will receive an alarm immediately. In addition, the system responds to a critical reduction in battery charge or disconnection, loss of communication with the vehicle, and unauthorized activation of the ignition.

Security should be reliable and the car should be comfortable. Benish GUARD Premium and Hyundai - we take care of you on the road and during the stop.

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