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20 August

Сarjacking statistics: what has changed in comparison with the 1Q 2020

Benish GPS

Benish GPS regularly analyzes statistics of сarjacking attempts to inform drivers. We focus on those cities where the crime rate in this area is the highest. The statistics for the 2Q 2020 have changed dramatically compared to previous months. And this is a serious reason to take care of the safety of your car. The spoiler: especially if you own Toyota or Land Rover and live in Kharkiv, Cherkasy or Uman.

The outspread of сarjacking has traditionally occurred from May to August for several years in a row. Of course, it is difficult to predict what statistics await us at the end of the year. For comprehensive statistics, we track data for each quarter. Regular analysis of сarjacking makes it possible to understand how the "preferences" of criminals change and whether seasonality affects the situation.

How have the statistics changed compared to January-March?

The results of the analysis for the 2Q 2020 were unpleasantly surprised by increase in danger in Kharkiv. According to the Benish GPS Dispatch Center, more than 50% of the alarms came from this city.

Earlier we reported that the situation in Kharkiv is of particular concern. However, after a comprehensive comparison of statistics in relation to other cities, it can be argued that the level of сarjacking in Kharkiv is extremely critical.

The second place in this anti-rating was shared by Cherkasy and Uman with a difference of only 0.1%. In fact, reports of сarjacking attempts in these cities came much more frequently, even compared to Kyiv. In the capital, the figure was 9.8% of the total number of alarms. At the same time, other cities of Ukraine account for only 8.3%.

This geographical redistribution was quite unexpected, but the most popular cars among thieves remain the same - Toyota, Land Rover, Lexus. Slightly less demand remains for Audi and BMW.

Methods of criminals to steal a car

Firstly, there is no single algorithm for committing crimes, because they are really difficult to predict. As soon as one method of сarjacking becomes the most popular and car owners find resistance, criminals change tactics and use another method.

A few years ago, сarjacking was most often carried out with the help of a code grabber. Elementary move: signal interception, its reproduction and that’s all – the car is open, so you can go. At the level of code grabbers used "fishing rods" – the usual signal amplifier from the key card. Now such schemes also work. However, these "rods" and code grabbers have become more perfect, so stealing cars has become even easier and faster. 

Moreover, criminals have invented more sophisticated methods to steal expensive cars. Carjacking with the help of a tow truck is realized more and more often. It seems unrealistic to prepare for such scenario at all. But it just seems.

Anti-hijackers: is there a universal method?

The development of car defense is still one step ahead of criminals. Satellite security systems provide maximum protection for the car. Only they are able to provide both a response to the unauthorized opening of the car, and fixation of the tilt, impact or movement of the vehicle, and at the same time immediately notify about the danger.

However, experts recognize that the best solution is to combine a satellite security system with elements of mechanical protection. The criminal will definitely not want to deal with such protection.

However, it is important to solve the issue of car safety in advance, because the irony of fate is that the danger comes when it is not expected at all.

Benish GPS inform and protect.

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