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12 August

Satellite security or code grabber: who will defeat whom?

Benish GPS

Since the beginning of this month, Benish GUARD security system has helped to prevent the carjacking of more than 7 premium cars. In general, the criminals worked according to a similar scheme, as about 90% of the alarms were received from the operation of the door opening sensor. However, the story that happened in Chernivtsi has its own peculiarities. The criminal monitored the "car loot" for more than a month, and then tried to use a code grabber for carjacking it. The satellite system responded instantly and helped to save the car. However, it should be borne in mind that the code grabber is a well-forgotten method that criminals begin to use more and more often!

The owner of Toyota - Land Cruiser 200 did not expect that the week will begin with a carjacking attempt. In the evening, the man calmly drove to the store, closed the car and activated the security mode. Two minutes later, the operator of the Benish GPS Dispatch center received an alarm about the opening of the door. After that, the sound alarm went off immediately, and the owner of the car was immediately called to determine all the details of the event.

It turned out that the criminals had really tryed to open the car. However, they were unable to circumvent the driver's previous identification, so the satellite guard did not allow the car to be stolen.

The peculiarity of this story is that 2 minutes to open the door most likely indicates the use of a code grabber. Moreover, the car's perimeter monitoring sensor also report an alarm systematically during June, but no alarms were recorded at all in July. Given this sequence, the scheme of criminals preliminarily looks like this: a month of tracking the car, a month of "calm", and then an attempted carjacking.

And, fortunately, without success.

How did Benish GUARD Premium work in the case of the code grabber?

The car perimeter sensor SpaceGUARD detects the opening of the doors, trunk and hood. If after that the car owner code has not been entered or the wrong combination has been selected, the loud alarm will sound automatically and the alarm will be sent immediately to the operator and the car owner. If the danger is confirmed, the operator blocks the movement of the car and calls the police patrol.

Instant response for your safety. We inform and protect.

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