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17 January


ТранспортAll companies involved in transportation and organizations that have their own fleet are subject to the risks of theft of fuel, "illegal" flights, a malfunction of transport and so on.

These factors lead to a decrease in labor productivity, wear and tear of equipment, increased costs and, consequently, lower profits.

Sooner or later, each company raises the question of optimizing its own transport logistics.

Taking care of your business, Benish GPS recommends purchasing a special vehicle monitoring system - Benish Logistic.

Developed with the latest GPS technology, the vehicle tracker transmits location messages via the GSM network to the Benish Fleet Management platform for further analysis of vehicle movement and movement control, ensuring safety and tracking cars in the event of theft.

Operating principle

Operating principle of Benish Logistic

Features that the owner of the monitoring system gets:

  • control of the movement of vehicles in real time
  • determination of speeding
  • control of presence in the permitted area
  • control of departure beyond the established geo-zones
  • control of routes of movement and fixation of deviations
  • control of truck downtime during working hours
  • accounting distance
  • transmission of ignition on / off information
  • availability of battery for operation without power

Benish Logistic

Benish logistic

The equipment is produced by the best European companies for our special order, which guarantees high product quality.

The microcontroller can receive information about the location of transport and execute commands simultaneously.

Thanks to the updated hardware, the device instantly responds to various events and sends notifications to the client in a way convenient for him: output to the screen in on-line mode or in e-mail. The client has the opportunity to view analytical information 24/7 anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. WEB-application is available both on a stationary computer and on mobile devices.

Using the convenient report configurator, the client will be able to easily control the movement of his employees and effectively manage the company's logistics.

Benish Logistics monitoring, transport control and logistics system will help you to improve the overall efficiency of transportation, significantly reduce costs and reduce risks, as well as improve the quality and speed of service for your customers.

For more information about the monitoring system and its cost, contact the Benish GPS manager or call: 044 49 44 997

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