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06 April


Benish GPS

The quarantine has been extended, but this is not a reason to be sad, because Benish GPS prolongs the validity of its special offers. Now, as never before, it's time to purchase the Benish GUARD satellite anti-theft system with double benefits!

Get 3 months of service for free when you buy Benish GUARD until June 14th*!

Benish GPS amenities don't end there. Also, for the entire quarantine period, the company fixes the dollar at around UAH 25.5. for 1 dollar for all products of protection and monitoring, that is, additional savings of about 2 UAH. on every dollar!

Benish GUARD is:

  • Driver identification at engine start
  • Emergency communication with the control center 24/7
  • Instant response in case of emergency
  • Online car control through the mobile application and website

How does the Benish GUARD satellite security system work?

Inside the car there is a system keyboard for entering a personal code, and engine start is possible only after entering the correct combination of numbers. As soon as the attacker tries to open the car, the Benish GPS dispatch center receives a signal about unauthorized actions. Dispatch center employees will immediately contact the car owner and, if necessary, call a police patrol to the scene. Benish GPS dispatch center operates 24/7, without days off and breaks for the possibility of instant response in the event of alarms from Benish GUARD security systems. There is also a mobile application with which you can independently track the location, travel history, current status of car systems.

Learn more at or call +38 0444944997

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and we will take care of protecting your car from theft!

* The offer is valid from 04/03/2020 to 06/14/2020 upon purchase of a Benish GUARD satellite security system in any configuration, subject to payment of service for one calendar year.

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