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01 May

Benish GUARD security system for Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class 2019 owners at super prices!

Benish GPS

For Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class owners! We offer to secure your car by installing the Benish GUARD satellite security system on it.

According to Benish GPS internal statistics, the number of security systems triggered during quarantine has grown by 12% and continues to grow. Also, annually in Ukraine, the period from May to August shows a seasonal increase in thefts to 20%. Therefore, thinking about a security system is a good idea.

Only now you can buy a security system with a discount of up to 20%, depending on the selected configuration:

Benish GUARD Platinum: promotional price 509 USD instead of 599 USD

Benish GUARD Elite: promotional price 639 USD instead of 799 USD

We also offer contactless tags at a promotional price of 180 USD instead of 200 USD


The promotion is valid for Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class cars up to and including 2019.

The offer is valid from May 1 to May 31, 2020.

Benish GUARD is:

  • Driver identification at engine start
  • Emergency communication with the control center 24/7
  • Instant response in case of emergency
  • Online car control via mobile application and website

How does the Benish GUARD satellite security system work?

Inside the car there is a system keyboard for entering a personal code, and engine start is possible only after entering the correct combination of numbers. As soon as the attacker tries to open the car, the Benish GPS dispatch center receives a signal about unauthorized actions. Dispatch center employees will immediately contact the car owner and, if necessary, call a police patrol to the scene. Benish GPS dispatch center operates 24/7, without days off and breaks for the possibility of instant response in the event of alarms from Benish GUARD security systems. There is also a mobile application with which you can independently track the location, travel history, current status of car systems.

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