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01 April


In this difficult time, Benish GPS company not only takes care of the safety of its customers' cars around the clock, but also gives an additional benefit.

Only in Mayl* each owner of a car with the Benish GUARD satellite security system can receive an additional 7% discount by paying 12 months of subscription service to the system.

We remind you that you can pay for Benish GPS services online in any way convenient for you.

Do not miss your chance to get additional benefits! Call +380444944999

Benish GUARD is:

  • Driver identification at engine start
  • Emergency communication with the control center 24/7
  • Instant response in case of emergency
  • Online car control through the mobile application and website

To effectively ensure car safety, the Benish GPS dispatch center operates 24/7, without days off and interruptions, which allows to respond immediately in the event of alarms from Benish GUARD security systems. There is also a mobile application with which you can independently track the location, travel history, current status of car systems.

* The offer is valid from April 1 to 31 May.

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