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13 April


Since April, 2017, Benish GPS has become National Service Provider of Vodafone Automotive in Ukraine. In the context of this partnership, Benish GPS will provide customer service and be an exclusive provider of Vodafone Automotive products and services.

Vodafone Automotive is the world leader in the development and implementation of integrated solutions in such areas as vehicle security, fleet dispatching and smart insurance. All services are provided on the basis of GPS/GSM technologies in the OEM, OES and Aftermarket.

Car manufacturers, which is a supplier of Vodafone Automotive

The main task of the Benish GPS, as a National Service Provider, is to ensure the operation and development of the center of customer and dealer support. Among the main directions of the Center is an exclusive sale of products and services, after-sale service, and local support for support to end user customers, car importers and dealers.

Secure Operating Centre began its work the first, which provides services for the treatment of extraordinary events and alarms from the equipment installed on all Porsche vehicles. The Benish GPS dispatchers are empowered to call the police to the location of the car in case of fixing car theft attempts.

Such Secure Operating Centres already operate in 44 countries. Vodafone Automotive is a Tier One partner for major European and Asian car, truck and motorcycle manufacturers, for which it develops individual solutions.

Countries of presence of Vodafone Automotive