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15 July


Benish GPS has introduced the software “UkrWay: Mykolaiv”, which allows to control the movement of passenger and special urban transport. The event was held within the building of the Mykolaiv City Council with the participation of the Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych, his deputy Yuriy Stepantsov, representatives of KP "Mykolaivelektrotrans" and, of course, Benish GPS development director Yevgenii Lukashenko.


With the help of “UkrWay: Mykolaiv” mobile application the city residents will be able to follow the dislocation of public transport, it is convenient to plan the route and to control the work of special transport - street cleaning, snow and debris.

As for now, the main function of the application is displaying the movement of land passenger transport, the direction of objects’ movement and its speed. Additionally, the app visualizes the route network of urban transport with the description of the stops, distances, travel costs and time spent on the route, as well as the creation of route between multiple addresses. Moving forward the system will be supplemented by such function as eCall, which will allow assessing the transport carrier. In addition, according to the authorities, this system will help to reduce the possibility of corrupt practices with transport.

As for now, the system is basic. Further, it’s planned to improve by adding extra services. One of these services, the project "smart stop" - successfully implemented by Benish GPS in Kiev. Within the project electronic signs indicators of the route number and time of arrival will be posted at public transport stops. "Another project include an installation of loudspeakers in buses announcing stops for blind people", - Benish GPS Development Director Yevgenii Lukashenko said. City Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych added that he also plans to introduce "e-ticket" system that will provide a possibility for paying for trip by various bank cards and social citizen’s cards.

The project "UkrWay: Mykolaiv" was launched after the signing of a memorandum of co-operation at the end of 2015. Benish GPS has provided free GPS-trackers on all rolling stock of "Mykolaivelektrotrans": trolleybuses, trams and special vehicles. During the first half a year the equipment was working in a test mode.

Benish GPS Company previously created an automated control center for "Mykolaivelektrotrans" setting GPS-trackers for all 139 units of equipment.