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31 August


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All cars owners Porsche Cayenne third-generation can protect their car from hijacking using the PVTS* system, which at the moment is the only authorized system by Porsche AG for Cayenne models. The national provider of security services is Benish GPS**, the market leader in GPS monitoring and vehicle safety in Ukraine.

Immediately after installation and activation in the vehicle, the system is ready for operation and protects the car from unauthorized influences. Benish GPS Control center provides round-the-clock support and response when an alarm is received from the system, and can also remotely block the ignition of the car if it is not moving, or re-ignition if the car is in motion at the time the signal is received. The system responds to unauthorized actions with the car and sends an alarm signal in the event of a power failure, car movement without ignition.

For all users, the mobile application My Connected Car is available, which works in the system complex. The application allows not only to view the status of the car, its location and the status of the systems:

  • Set geozones;
  • Set a warning about exceeding the speed limit;
  • View trip reports;
  • Contact customer support – SOS Calls;
  • Activate special modes of "Service" and "Transportation";
  • Identify errors in the system operation – diagnostics;
  • Building a route to the parking place of the car – Car Finder.

 benish gps

My Connected Car application

In addition, it should be noted that the system works both on the territory of Ukraine and on the territory of all countries where there is Vodafone coverage. At the same time, Porsche Cayenne owner with PVTS system installed does not need to fill in additional documents, connect roaming and incur additional expenses when traveling by car to a foreign country.

For detailed advice and system connection, please contact your Porsche dealer or Benish GPS manager.


* The manufacturer of PVTS equipment is Vodafone Automotive, one of the world leaders in the development and implementation of integrated solutions in such areas as vehicle security, fleet dispatching and smart insurance. All services are provided on the basis of GPS/GSM technologies in the OEM (factory installation), OES (after-assembly) and Aftermarket (the market of spare parts and accessories for cars).

** Benish GPS Company is the National Service Provider of Vodafone Automotive in Ukraine. As part of the partnership, Benish GPS provides customer service and is the only supplier of automotive equipment Vodafone Automotive.


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