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31 March


The annual presentation dedicated to summarizing Ukrainian insurance market and forecasts for four years was held on the 30th, March 2016. The presentation was traditionally organized by Insurance TOP magazine, and the industry leader Award Ceremony became the main event.

This year's presentation brought together more than 200 top managers of insurance companies, financial market participants, as well as top officials of the European embassies, specialized committees and government bodies that are directly related to the industry functioning. The leaders had an opportunity to discuss problems and development strategy of the insurance market in a transitional Ukrainian situation.

1Moshe Benish (Benish GPS Vice-President), Alexander Filonyuk (President of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine), Alexander Smychnikov (Benish GPS Development Director)

As part of the Leadership Awards Ceremony, Benish GPS company won a diploma in "The most effective vehicle monitoring and safety systems" nomination.


Vladimir Gordeev (Benish GPS Director of Corporate Sales), Moshe Benish (Benish GPS Vice-President), Alexander Smychnikov (Benish GPS Development Director)

Indeed, due to the company's operation in 2015 thousands of cars all over Ukraine were saved from stealing. As Oleg Paraschak General Director of the Insurance TOP commented: «Benish GPS has always been and remains a reliable partner for insurance companies, and with the help of the company’s devices insurers managed to save more than 100 million UAH in 2015".

Last year insurance companies started partnership with technological companies, and this year the insurance telematics that just short period ago seemed to be a distant reality appeared. Today, Benish GPS company’s BEinSURE telematics solution is a comprehensive system based on a small device that fits in the palm of your hand. "We are ready to release BEinSURE for insurance market and look forward to receive the next year Insurance TOP award for it," Alexander Smychnikov, Benish GPS Development Director said.1

Oleg Paraschak (General Director of the Insurance TOP), Roman Navalkivskaya (Director of the Department of Insurance Law and methodology LIOU), Vladimir Shevchenko (Director General MTIBU), Alexander Smychnikov (Benish GPS Development Director)

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