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30 March


Public transport becomes more modern.

Thus, the inhabitants of Kiev can’t be surprised by the fact that only by using a map on a smartphone, they can see the movement of buses, trolley buses and trams. This opportunity exists in some large, but not all Ukrainian cities, because responsibility for implementing reforms rests on the shoulders of the city administration.

A reliable partner for implementing major projects for the public sector - Benish GPS is the leader in telematics, security systems and GPS monitoring of transport. In the field of public passenger transport, Benish GPS has implemented successful projects in Kiev, Odessa, Nikolaev and Kharkov, introducing specialized systems for automated control and monitoring of transport operations, dispatching control and providing citizens with traffic information. At the moment, it is planned to introduce a similar project in the Dnipro, Poltava, Zaporizhzhia, Khmelnytskyi.

Having studied the features of modern infrastructure, the company came to the conclusion that the most optimal solution is to create a single situational center which consolidates, processes and analyzes all incoming information about the city's transport.

GPS trackers, passenger counting system, voice alert in the cabin, electronic ticket reader, road accident sensors and driving style are installed on vehicles and transmit information to a single program. The system instantly notifies the dispatcher and special services in the event of an accident. The equipment of the e-call UA system, which allows in real-time mode reception of citizens' complaints about transport operations in case of any violations. "Smart" stops assume the presence of an electronic scoreboard, which displays the necessary information about the routes, and the waiting time before the arrival of the nearest transport, sound notification system and emergency communication with the call center operator.

Also, there are special personal monitoring and management systems for employees to optimize their work and ensure security. In a single situational center of the city can be connected other infrastructure, for example, the city's video surveillance system. As a result, the city authorities get control over the transport work in the city, carriers - a tool for managing transport and routes, and citizens - the ability to plan their own route and minimize the waiting time at a stop.

The company Benish GPS has been operating in the Ukrainian market for more than 14 years and cooperates not only with state enterprises, but also with the largest commercial and insurance companies, auto importers and car dealers. The company develops complex solutions in the field of GPS monitoring of transport, personnel and cargoes, allowing to optimize the processes of management, control and reporting of the client company. Thanks to such solutions, it is possible to significantly reduce the costs of fleet operation, efficiently use vehicles, monitor personnel performance and much more.