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28 January

Benish GPS has prevented another one car theft attempt


Benish GPS takes note that the cases of carjacking attempts in the start to be more frequent regions of Ukraine. Thus, one of the last attempts occurred in the Poltava region. In the afternoon of January 26th  Benish GPS Dispatch Center received an alarm signal suspected of hijack attempt of a vehicle equipped with BENISH GUARD satellite security system. At the moment of an alarm a Skoda cars was located at the public parking space. Due to the BENISH GUARD satellite security system and smooth operation of the Control Center another one car was saved.

According to the Benish GPS Dispatch Center, numerous carjacking attempts of the cars, equipped with a satellite security system BENISH GUARD are fixed and successfully prevented monthly. Mostly criminals tried to steal premium cars, but the cases of attempts of mid-priced segment cars misappropriation are recorded increasingly. According to official data of Traffic Police Department of the ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine during the past year 12 307 car thefts were committed in Ukraine, which is twice more than in 2013. Only 3377 were returned that is 27.4% of the total number of stolen vehicles.

 Protect your car with the help of BENISH GUARD!

BENISH GUARD satellite car system security is the most effective system for the protection of your car. For maximum protection of a car Benish GPS has created a Dispatch center that works around the clock at the weekends and holidays in the 24/7 mode. Thus a car equipped with a satellite security system BENISH GUARD is under continuous protection. Also it should be mentioned that till the end of winter there is a special offer for BENISH GUARD satellite security system.