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28 March

Insurers have found a way to protect themselves from additional payments and prevent attempts to steal cars

Despite the rampant crime in Ukraine, insurance companies have found a reliable way how to protect themselves from additional insurance payments and prevent attempts to steal insured cars.

Car thieves do not surrender - the number of hijackings in Ukraine remains at a high level. Almost 12 thousand car owners lost their cars in 2016.

The capital's drivers suffer most - every sixth theft occurs exactly in Kiev. However, many cars are also highjacked at other large cities: Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov and the Dnipro.

Tastes of thieves do not change much. The leaders in hijackings are the cars of the budget class. Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi and Honda follow them.

As for the business and premium classes’ auto, Lexus, Range Rover and BMW represent the greatest attraction for hijackers. More and more often victims of malefactors are not sedans, but SUVs.

As for the age of cars, almost all ccars are at risk. Both almost new and those whose age reaches 7-10 years.

This tendency can be explained very simply: newer cars, as a rule, are hijacked for resale, while cars with a more solid mileage are dismantled for spare parts, because the demand for components is also high.

However, in terms of body color, thieves are more precise. Hijackers prefer a low-key color scheme to make it easier to get lost in the traffic flow. That's why among the most stolen in 2016 were cars of white, black and silver colors. At the same time, bright colors auto, as well as elements of airbrushing and tuning, fell into the field of view of criminals much less often.

Nevertheless, what really scares off thieves is modern anti-theft systems. In addition, the attackers learn and improve their skills. Therefore, the simplest alarms do not always stop them. In its term, advanced systems reduce the risk of hijacking to near zero.

According to insurance companies, so far, no case of hijacking the car insured by hull coverage, on which satellite antitheft system is installed, has been fixed.

In particular, we are talking about the Benish Guard security system, which, due to its wide functionality and constant support from the Benish GPS Emergency Control Center, is guaranteed to prevent the penetration and seizure of third parties.

What are the key benefits of Benish Guard?

Firstly, many sensors are connected to the car, starting from the on-board network to the doors and trunk. Accordingly, this "stuffing" allows you to react instantly to any encroachment on the car by criminals.

Secondly, even if the attacker managed to get into the car, the Benish GPS controllers immediately receive an alarm and block the engine, as well as call the car owner and, if needed, call the police.

All these measures reduce the threat of theft to a minimum. Positive statistics confirm this: for 14 years that Ukrainian car owners use Benish Guard, any car with this system was not stolen. Moreover, starting from 2014 the company cooperates with leading insurers, who install Benish Guard on their customers' cars. Their experience is also positive - no hijackings.

Given that the level of car criminality in Ukraine is at a high level, the anti-theft system remains the optimal choice for both motorists who want to protect their vehicle, and for insurance companies that intend to reduce the amount of losses provoked by the theft and increase customer loyalty.

Benish Guard annually allows the insurers to save more than 230 million UAH. And such an impressive figure is the best confirmation of the reliability of this system.