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27 October


The number of stolen cars in Ukraine is on a very high level today. The upward trend of thefts goes back in 2014 and remains the same today. The National Police estimated that since the beginning of this year, almost 8 thousand vehicles were hijacked. Car owners from big cities as Kyiv and Kyiv region, Kharkiv and Odessa suffer the most.

According to the Benish GPS, the “champions” of theft attempts in October become Lexus LX 570, Toyota PRADO and Toyota Land Cruiser.


To combat with the offenders, National  Police service was forced to introduce additional measures such as the right to stop a car to check the authenticity of documents and number plates. The effect this innovation was not as effective as expected - millions of drivers still can not sleep calmly.

As a rule, hijacking occurs in the same way: the attackers wait the moment driver put a car in the alarm mode and read the code by special device or standard fixed alarm. Later on this code is used in an attempt to open the car. Standard alarm systems in such cases are useless. Even if alarm if triggered, the driver often does not have time to react and call the police.

In this case, the most reliable way to protect the car against theft is to install additional protection system. Benish GUARD is right such kind of system. Even if an attacker scans the code or in case of the standard alarm installation, he will not be able to get a personal code of Benish GUARD’s owner. The keyboard for the personal code requirement is installed inside the vehicle: engine starts to work only after entering the correct combination of numbers.

As soon as the thief tries to open the car, the Benish GPS control receives a sign of unauthorized opening of the door. The members of control center immediately contact with the car owner, and, if necessary, call the police. Normally, theft can be prevented.

Not so long ago thanks to Benish GUARD system a new 2016’s released Lexus LX 570 was saved. At 16-00, the dispatch center of Benish GPS, which works in 24/7 mode received an alarm announcing door opening. Managers immediately contacted with the owner, who asked to lock the car and call the police. A few minutes later the fact of attempted hijacking was confirmed : the owner had noticed that someone was there in the car and who disappeared after had been noticed. The police made an act of a theft attempt of Lexus LX 570. Now the law enforcement agencies are investigating this case.

Benish GUARD system’s work experience speaks for itself: thousands hijackings had been prevented during 13 years. Thanks to this Benish GPS has become the first company to offer customers solutions based on GPS technology.

Special equipment, which allows to lock a car engine remotely, works not only at the time of the unauthorized opening of a door, hood or trunk, but in the case of evacuation or towing vehicle as well. For customer convenience, the mobile application Olympia Tracking was developed. It allows to determine the location of the car and the history of its drives.

Trust is another argument that speaks for itself. During only 2015, Benish GUARD enabled insurers to save more than 100 million UAH. Insurers warn that insurance rates for cars with the installed Benish GUARD systems is lower than for vehicles with conventional alarms. Besides, Benish GPS started its cooperation with OSCE mission in Ukraine last year: more than 400 mission coordinators cars have been equipped with GPS tracking systems during this time.