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27 October

Benish GPS has prevent another one hijacking attempt of Toyota Land Cruiser


On the 24th of October a Dispatch center of Benish GPS received an alarm signal of an unauthorized opening of the door of Toyota Land Cruiser equipped with a satellite security system BENISH GUARD. This information was immediately reported to the car owner who was not near a car at the moment of the alarm signal.

After checking the car the owner found out that his car’s door is open. Later the same day a client informed a Dispatch center that a camera of the institution near which a car was parked at the time of an alarm signal recorded an attempt of misappropriation of his vehicle.

In addition to the above earlier First Gear portal reported with reference to Kiev Traffic Police data that in Kiev hunting for a black Toyota Land Cruiser has begun. Thus, according to the portal 6 cars were stolen, 3 of which are new Toyota Land Cruiser only for 1 day of October 22nd in Kiev. Police have not yet commented such an increase of thefts but they do not deny the fact that a professional group of thieves works in the city.

- Toyota Land Cruisers have been stolen regularly - First Gear was told in police. – Obviously there is a special order for such cars. Few of them are stolen every day. Also the criminals prefer other jeeps. But mostly “Mitsubishi L-200” and “Range Rover” are stolen.

Benish GPS advises to take care of the safety of your car in advance!

BENISH GUARD satellite car system security is the most effective system for the protection of your car. For maximum protection of a car Benish GPS has created a Dispatch center that works around the clock without weekends and holidays in the 24/7 mode. Thus a car equipped with a satellite security system BENISH GUARD is under continuous protection.