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27 July


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When it comes to international or intra-Ukrainian transport, the issue of safety and security of cargo is very important. Realizing all the risks faced by transport organizations, Benish GPS offers a comlex solution based on GPS technologies: GPS monitoring system Benish MONITORING and cargo security system electronic lock BeniLock.

The first system, Benish MONITORING, is aimed to determine the vehicle location, control movement within and beyond the established territory, record mileage, control fuel consumption, and record unauthorized stops on the route. In addition to the standard set of functions in Benish MONITORING, there is the possibility of additional connection of systems for monitoring the operation of units and assemblies, remote locking of the engine. In the car cab, you can set the alarm button and driver identification system.

BeniLock integrity protection system is a combination of a solid padlock and a data transmission system based on modern GPS technology. Data about the lock location and any impact on it are processed by software, due to which the owner receives information within a few seconds: vibration when cutting the bow, locks, heating the lock, the staff opening. All the data received from the lock is generated in the reports. Generation of reports can take place both for the total number of locks, and for each unit separately.

benish gps

BeniLock work principle

Advantages of the complex system of GPS monitoring Benish Monitoring and electronic lock BeniLock for business owner:

  • Increasing the safety of transport and cargo
  • Remote access control for cargo during transportation and storage
  • Reducing fuel costs by controlling its cost overruns based on real mileage data
  • Increasing the efficiency of the workflow
  • Preventing unauthorized opening of the cargo section and change of routes
  • Ability to restore history
  • Reduction of costs for property insurance.

The effectiveness of using Benish GPS satellite systems by the largest logistics, FMCG, pharmaceutical, leasing and insurance companies in Ukraine confirms their relevance, reliability and cost-effectiveness in optimizing logistics processes and guaranteeing the secure transportation of goods.

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