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26 June

BENISH GUARD reliable protects your car

The number of thefts increases steadily in Kyiv. According to the latest data of Kyiv Traffic Police Department, 707 cases of vehicle theft were registered within five months of this year in Kyiv. This rate is almost twice more higher than during the same period of last year and four times more than in the same period of the 2013th.

Auto thieves are especially interested in expensive cars. Statistics show that Toyota and mostly - SUVs are second most popular among thieves after VAZ. Lexus, BMW, Honda and Volkswagen are also among rating "leaders". Mostly the thefts occurred at night. There were 407 such cases. Traditionally, most carjackers are attracted by cars without reliable alarms, parked near the houses or in dark places. The ingenuity of car thieves never ceases to amaze. Often criminals use tow trucks to commit theft and special equipment for standard alarms code reading.

Satellite security system BENISH GUARD could be a reliable protection in such a situation.  The uniqueness of the system lies in the fact that Benish GPS Dispatch Center works around the clock and seven days a week for ensuring the customers car safety. Dispatch Center does whatever is necessary for preventing theft in case of receiving any signal from the alarm system. Also it should be mentioned that Benish GPS works with the full cooperation of Traffic Police of MIA. In case of a hijack attempt of a vehicle equipped with BENISH GUARD anti-theft system a patrol of Traffic Police is sent to the location of a car. Thus a vehicle equipped with a satellite security system BENISH GUARD is under continuous protection.