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28 March

Lifesavings from Benish GPS


According to the State Traffic Patrol Department of Ministry of Interior Affair of Ukraine about 25 000 accidents happened in Ukraine in in 2013, because of which 3700 people died and about 30000 sustained bodily injuries.

Thus death rate from road traffic incident ranks the 4-th place in the overall ranking of Ukrainians’ causes of death. Average daily value of the index is: 12 people death and 102 injured. This characteristic exceeds the European level up to 3-4 times.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) there are several basic methods to prevent the growth degrees of the statistics. One of them is the establishment of a rapid response of emergency services and the provision the posttraumatic care.

The main objective and goal of Benish GPS is vehicle safekeeping and driver’s safety.

Around-the-clock support of Dispatch Center and direct communication with the State Traffic Patrol, Emergencies, Ambulance and other services of rapid response provide safety and create all conditions for minimizing the car owner damage.

In case of accident the owners of Benish Guard can always use the Benish GPS Dispatch Center service for calling the State Traffic Patrol, Ambulance or any other service of rapid response.

Instant response to an alarm and providing an immediate assistance is a guarantee of reducing of scary statistics of injuries and deaths on the roads.

Having decided to connect the car to the Benish Guard service a driver gains the confidence that in case of any troubles they will be solved as soon as possible.