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25 April


Porsche car connect

In order to protect your Porsche in the best way, Benish GPS, the National Service Provider of Vodafone Automotive in Ukraine, recommends to activate one of the systems PCC or PVTS.

All Porsche cars after 2013 are equipped with a standard anti-theft system Porsche Car Connect (PCC) or PVTS (Porsche Vehicle Tracking System) at Porsche AG manufacture in Germany, and the car owner in Ukraine just need to activate the protection system. Right after activation, the system begins protecting the car. А contactless tag is used for identification of the car owner and while fixing unauthorized actions or receiving an alarm signal from the client, the dispatch center of the National Service Provider in Ukraine starts to protect the car. Operators will call for rapid response services to the location of the car, in case of confirmation of the theft. You can count on support of the center, even if you are abroad, because the signal about a non-emergency situation will be sent to the country where the car is currently located.

Among the unauthorized actions under which the Dispatch Center responds, it should be noted:

  • Moving in guard mode;
  • Battery disconnecting;
  • Interference in ignition;
  • Violation of the perimeter (doors, hood and trunk) in a guard mode;
  • Disconnecting the GPS antenna.

An additional advantage of PCC system is the availability of a mobile application, which allows the customer to remotely monitor the state of the car. Additionally, using the application, the client will be able to manage some of the Porsche functions:

  • Locking the central lock;
  • Establishing geozones;
  • Monitoring the location of the car;
  • Making an emergency call to the dispatcher;
  • Manage special modes of "Service", "Transportation" and "Deactivation".

Porsche Car Connect

The app is available for downloading in Google Play and App Store.

PCC/PVTS systems are the only certified Porsche vehicle protection solution. Buying any model of Porsche, do not forget about activation of protection for the car together with the manager in the dealer center. You are worthy of ensuring that the safety of your car was provided at the maximum level.

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