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23 December


Catering to the business needs of «UkrTransGas»,  «Benish GPS» offered a technical solution that helped the company greatly reduce financial losses incurred as a result of the often difficult task of successfully tracking transport equipment.  Technical solutions developed by «Benish GPS» helped the company improve fuel efficiency of transport equipment and reduce fleet operation costs thus greatly optimizing the company business processes.

For the business purposes of «UkrTransGas», «Benish GPS» developed a unique system that allowed to integrate around 5000 of units in one system. The integrated fleet management solution helped «UkrTransGas» solve tasks associated with location tracking, event driven reporting, logging and security capabilities. The system has allowed to track and control of any unit integrating to the system.  The great scale of the system has allowed solving the issues related to the planning, management and control of tasks assigned to all structural units «UkrTransGas».

The system has become an effective instrument in solving tasks that emerged in organizing daily workflow as well as in addressing the emergency situations.  The implementation of the project helped the company reduce costs and financial loses, thus leading to rational use of public money.

Ukrainian business today is in need of new approaches to issues related to the effective use of material and labor resources. However, each company has individual specific requirements that depend on the business context the company works in.  It should be noted that the solution offered by «Benish GPS» is designed to meet the unique business and operational requirements of each of our customers.

«Benish GPS» for many years offers innovative solutions that greatly reduce cost and can effectively optimize business processes of Ukrainian enterprises, both for small businesses and corporations of «UkrTransGas» level.