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23 May


Car criminality in our time is a very lucrative activity. The methods of protecting the vehicle have a wide range of implementation and options for preventing theft. When using mechanical methods of protection, an attacker often sees what he is dealing with and can prepare for hacking this type of protection, which will lead to theft, damage to the car and the lack of the ability to respond promptly on that situation.

To avoid such cases, there are secretive electronic telematics devices that provide for the prevention of unauthorized entry and seizure of a vehicle. One of such devices is the Vodafone Guardian of Vodafone Automotive.

As previously stated, Vodafone Automotive, in partnership with Benish GPS*, began supplying automobile equipment to Ukraine from April 2017. At the same time, the task of Benish GPS, as a National Service Provider is to provide work and development of a customer support center and dealer support. Among the main directions of the center is an exclusive sale of equipment, post sales service, and local support for customers, importers and car dealers.

Vodafone Guardian is a security system that allows you to set the car in security mode for unauthorized access and attempts to take possession of the vehicle. The system works by using the cover of the mobile operator, so there is no additional roaming costs.

Equipment functions include:

  • mark, which allows the driver to designate an authorized access to the car;
  • engine lock (activated by the dispatcher in case of equipment alarm);
  • panic button (emergency communication with the dispatch center, with the help of which the car owner can report about a dangerous situation).

We should again note about the dispatch center, provides by the Benish GPS. The center guarantees the safety control of the car 24/7, and in case of alarm, the dispatchers are authorized to call immediately to the police to the location of the vehicle.

What does the equipment alarm involve? It includes moving without a mark, breaking the perimeter of the vehicle and the function "Sabotage" - disabling any part of the equipment.

Another strength of the Vodafone Guardian is the application My Connected Car, which is developed in accordance with the requirements of the market and allows you to receive data about the car in real time. The app is available for smartphones based on Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) and available for free download.

The functions that available in My Connected Car can be grouped into the following service categories:

  • Remote services;
  • Security services.

My Connected Car allows users to make voice calls to specific numbers. With its help, you can:

  • Geofence;
  • Contact customer support;
  • Trip reports;
  • Speed alerts;
  • Special modes.

The application also allows you to quickly identify errors in the operation of equipment.

Vodafone Guardian - a reliable protector of the car against theft, which allows to provide alerts about unauthorized entry and external influences on the car, and the dispatcher center employees round-the-clock and quickly respond to any unusual situations and attempts to steal, wherever the car is located.

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