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22 October


benish guard

Benish GPS, without waiting for the New Year to please all its new customers, provides special conditions now, as it's so pleasant to receive gifts without any reason. So, all new customers who will purchase*, install and activate Benish Guard satellite anti-theft system of any of the 4 configurations, will receive a free subscription service until the end of 2018. Special conditions are valid from October 22 to December 31, 2018.

And remember, the sooner you protect your car from theft, the more time you have to enjoy the benefits of Benish GPS!

Benish GUARD satellite security system is available in 4 trim levels - Premium, Platinum, Elite and Ultra. The basis of each is the identification of the driver by entering a personal code or a special driver's label, depending on the configuration. In addition, in the presence of all complete sets there is an individual set of functions and for each class of cars the best solution is selected. In the event of an attempt to hijack a car on which Benish GUARD is installed, the alarm instantly goes to the company's 24-hour control center. The dispatcher immediately directs the police patrol to the location of the car, after clarifying the situation with the owner of the car. Benish GUARD system is installed in the official dealerships, so when installing the system, the manufactures’ guarantee remains.

*Special conditions apply only to subscription service of the system. The cost of equipment and installation of the Benish GUARD system during the period of the special offer is paid according to standard conditions of Benish GPS and equipment installation centers.

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