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04 November

The results of the second conference "Corporate Fleet: effective management tools"


The conference "Corporate Fleet: effective management tools" was successfully hosted in "Golf Center Kiev” on October 22, 2015. The conference was organized by the market leaders: Benish GPS – the leading operator of GPS monitoring systems, AVIS – an international leasing company and AVM – auto academy of driving skills.

1 For the second year in a row the event organizers give their guests a unique opportunity to discuss pressing issues regarding the corporate fleet management. According to the format of the conference there is always a lively discussion of topical issues and exchange of fleet management experience.

The participants shared their experience in matters of transport security and possible ways to minimize accidents, first aid in an accident and the corporate fleet management optimization. Thus, during the conference there were presentations of experts of Nestle Ukraine, Rost Group, Benish GPS, AVIS, AVM, and many others.

1It should be noted that report of Vladimir Karavaev, known Ukrainian human rights activist and author of the book "100 argument against traffic fines" results the special interest and intense discussion. Vladimir explained in details the innovations that are expected for Ukrainians after the new Law on Road Traffic and Safety introduction. Also it was touched on an issue of legal aspects and the prospects for of innovative technologies use in the field of control and road safety in Ukraine, the relevance of which is also caused by the latest changes in the legislation.

1Vladimir Gordeev, Benish GPS Commercial Director made a report on the topic "Innovative solutions for remote monitoring of corporate security policies compliance”. The main emphasis Vladimir made on using of Benish EcoDriving system, which is a control system of safe and economical driving in corporate fleet. Benish EcoDriving system also provides monitoring of transport, controls the driving style and corporate security policies including trips with fastened seat belts, speed modes, mode of continuous driving and rest period and other.

Photos: Alexander Lobanov.