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22 May

Transport operation optimization for Mykolaiv city council


From day to day more and more state enterprises are searching for the ways to save budget funds and optimize management processes. Today we are happy to share the experience of such initiative of Mykolaiv city council, which, in order to reduce its own transportation costs, installed GPS monitoring systems from Benish GPS at all corporate cars.

After system installation, the transport specialist has an opportunity to receive extended reports on the fleet operation and monitor the current location, mileage, speed, stop and stop times, movement within and exiting the designated area, and record ignition on and off.

All data is collected in a special software, then the program visualizes them on the map. It is also possible to create general and individual reports on selected indicators.


The result of using the system once again proves the effectiveness of Benish Monitoring. Thanks to the introduction of a transport monitoring system, the responsibility and discipline of drivers has been increased, routes have been optimized, transportation is used efficiently, fuel economy has been achieved.

We sincerely believe that this project will be a good example and the start of a new large-scale cooperation between Mykolaiv city council and Benish GPS company to improve the transport infrastructure of Mykolaiv and increase the comfort for its residents.

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