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21 December


In Ukraine, 99.8% of enterprises are small businesses, which consists mainly of a highly developed infrastructure of small neighborhood shops, near workplace or subway station. The shops have the same life schedule as the ordinary citizen: "wake up" around 7 am and close at 6-8 pm. Moreover, at night time, reliable means for outlet protection are needed, since most of the robberies and damages occur precisely at night. In this situation, the best option will be to strengthen the protection with the existing solution - BeniLock from Benish GPS, which allows to control remotely the object when the owner doesn’t have the ability to protect the store 24/7.

BeniLock is a lock that provides data transfer about the status of an object with the help of GPS/GPRS and specialized software. After the owner has closed his store or warehouse using BeniLock, the lock immediately begins its work and transmits information about the lock status to a special data processing platform. Due to this, the client can check is everything is OK order with the property via the computer or with no need to leave the house. In case of unauthorized actions, the owner will immediately receive a notification to his phone or PC. In the software there is also possibility to generate reports on different parameters, both for all operating locks, and for each separately.

Data which recorded BeniLock:


  • The lock location;
  • Vibration during sawing;
  • Impact of the lock;
  • Heating of the lock;
  • Authorized opening and closing of the lock.


Principe of BeniLock work

Among the advantages of BeniLock there are:


  • Monitoring. You can verify the security of the protected object by looking at its status in the application any time a day.
  • Simplicity and convenient in using. The lock is ready for operation immediately after it has been hung, and it functions without additional wires or sensors. It is only necessary to change regularly the battery, which is working about 42 days.
  • Reliability. BeniLock is a combination of a strong padlock and GPS technology. There is almost impossible to cause mechanical damage and GPS transmits a high stability signal even in bad weather.


Benilock will be an addition for protecting your property and allow you to be aware constantly of whether someone is trying to break open your store or not. BeniLock is a convenient, simple and reliable solution from Benish GPS, the functions of which can be effectively applied in any business field.