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21 February


On the 18th of February, 2018 Ukrainian Alexander Abramenko won the first Winter Olympics "gold", showing an incredible result in the final standings. This medal is the result of daily work and constant achievements, which finally is repaid with a well-deserved reward. The same trend is in every sphere: whatever you do, you should show the best result every day, not for a moment deviating from your goal. That's why we at Benish GPS have created the satellite system Benish GUARD, which provides day-to-day protection for the car - since the first day of operation no one car with Benish GUARD system was stolen. And our biggest reward is your calmness and confidence that your car safety is in safe keeping.

What is the main identity of Benish GUARD system, which results such a high level of safety both for the vehicle and for the driver? It is Benish GPS round the clock dispatch center, which operators without days off, holidays and breaks providing constant monitoring of the vehicle status. It is worth noting that dispatchers do not know where and in what direction the car is moving if it is safe. Therefore, you can be sure that all your trips are confidential and no one tracks them. However, as soon as an alarm signal arrives to dispatch center the system immediately transmits the coordinates and further vehicle movements to operator who is authorized to call the police and ambulance to the accident location.

Currently Benish GPS offers 4 configurations of Benish Guard satellite security system - PREMIUM, PLATINUM, ELITE and ULTRA and each of them has its own functionality. Such classification wasn’t chosen occasional: all of them are created based on cars class division, so anyone can choose what security system's functionality is needed. Of course, despite this division, the main function of each configuration is to protect the car from any attempted theft by identifying the driver with a help of keyboard. Only after entering the owner’s personal code the system deactivates the protection mode and makes it possible to start the engine. If the code was entered incorrectly during a minute or if someone tried to start the car without entering the code - the system immediately activates the alarm and sends a signal to the dispatch center. Maximal configuration of the Benish Guard system, ULTRA includes an additional factor of comfort via using a personal driver's mark.

After the system is installed, the can owner can track the vehicle systems status using Olympia Tracking mobile application. The main function of Olympia Tracking is displaying the car status, and in the main menu there are additional features such as creating a history report, selecting a map view, general settings and updating the system status. All received data can be stored in smartphone or sent by message. For getting access to the car, you need to download a free app for iOS or Android and contact Benish GPS manager for personal login and password. It was done for confidentiality preservation. The password can be changed later.

Maximal configuration Benish Guard ULTRA includes detailed display of the vehicle movement: route, speed and location.

Every day we all try to be the best in something and the main thing here is to find a lovely business that will inspire higher and higher. For us the most important and calmness and confidence in safety of your car. Therefore, Benish GUARD system meets all demands of modern market and requirements of our customers.

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