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20 October


Today proper planning of expenses is one of the main conditions of success, but spottiness can result impossibility of taking into account each aspect. For example, a sharp turnabout of hijackings this autumn raises the questions about how to protect your own car. Reliable security system is quite an expensive investment. Such purchase cannot be easily budgeted monthly. Much better is purchasing the system in installments and pay for it partly. Realizing the today’s realities, Benish GPS offers favourable terms for the acquisition of the Benish GUARD satellite system with the "Affordable Benish GUARD" service.

"Affordable Benish GUARD" divides the sum of the package by 12 payments. The package includes the cost of equipment, installation and payment for annual customer service*. The service includes two Benish GUARD configurations: Premium and Platinum, the monthly payment for which is 1299 and 2599 UAH, accordingly.

For purchasing “Affordable Benish GUARD" you need:

  1. Find out the credit limit on the PrivatBank card by sending an SMS with the text chast to the number 10060
  2. Choose the right System configuration
  3. Inform Benish GPS manager** about the desire to activate the service
  4. Make the first payment for the Benish GUARD system - from that moment the system will be activated and ready for use

"Affordable Benish GUARD" will allow you to plan your budget and get round the clock protection from any attempts to steal a car. Allow yourself to feel an unlimited sense of security for a reasonable amount of money.


*After paying 12 payments, the monthly subscription fee will depend on the installed package, according to company tariffs

**To use the service, contact the sales manager by phone +380 44 49 44 999

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