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20 October

Toyota Highlander has been saved from the car theft thanks to Benish GPS

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine informs, that amount of car theft of expensive cars such as Toyota, Mercedes and Lexus increases these days. During the first eight months of 2015 lawbreakers have stolen 7208 cars. However, car owners still have an opportunity to protect their cars from theft by installing a modern satellite system security BENISH GUARD.

Once again Benish GPS Company has prevented an attempt of car theft. Thus, the attackers tried to seize Toyota Highlander. The incident happened at night on October, 20. At 1:12 am the Dispatch Center received an alarm signal from the car, that was equipped with BENISH GUARD satellite system security. This incident happened in the Chabany village, Kiev region. After receiving the signal dispatcher immediately contacted the owner of the car. The client looked through the window, saw his car with intruder in it.  After that the dispatcher immediately blocked the engine of the car and called the police to the location of the incident. Later we were confirmed that the police had detected an attempt of hacking. The car stayed at its place.  


It stands to mention, that the Dispatch center of Benish GPS works round the clock, seven days a week and on holidays - 24/7. Thus, the car equipped with satellite security system BENISH GUARD, is guarded constantly.