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20 July


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From year to year in Ukraine, the insurance market and the market of CASCO including are developing more and more actively. Each insurance company in pursuit of attracting customers strives to provide better service and offers customers a variety of special conditions and even bonuses. So, in Ukraine, insurance companies during many years are installing Benish Guard satellite system in Premium or Platinum configuration when registering the CASCO policy for certain car brands. If desired, the customer can additionally conduct a so-called upgrade of the system to the configuration that suits him best. During the time of cooperation of Benish GPS with insurance companies, no case was recorded of hijacking of the car insured by CASCO, on which the Benish Guard system was active.

Benish GUARD Premium is basic system, which provides control of unauthorized entry into the car. Inside the car there is a keyboard and only after entering a personal code, the car owner can start the engine and start moving. In the case of unauthorized access or the entering incorrect code, the operators of Benish GPS dispatch center immediately receive an alarm and can block the movement of the car until the police arrive at the location.

Benish Guard PLATINUM is more extensive system configuration. The system management and deactivation of the safety mode is made also by a keyboard that is installed inside the car and requires the input of a unique four-digit code. In addition, there is an alarm button in the system, when the car owner presses, the emergency signal is immediately displayed to the dispatcher, who can call emergency response services to the car's location. Benish GPS dispatch center operates in 24/7 mode for the possibility of instantaneous response to all possible threats to the safety of the car.

Both configurations provide the opportunity of installing a free mobile Olympia Tracking application, through which the car owner can determine the location, view the travel history, and the current status of the system.

When registering the CASCO policy, do not forget to ask your insurance agent about the possibility of receiving Benish Guard as a gift!

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