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19 January

BENISH GUARD special offer ends in 2 weeks! Hurry up!

1It’s so nice to please your loved ones with the gifts, especially if such gifts represent safety. Satellite anti-theft system BENISH GUARD, is not only the guardian of the car, but also it presents peacefulness to its owner.

Just till 31th January 2016, buying BENISH GUARD, you can take advantage of the unique offer from the company Benish GPS, which fixed the exchange rate at the level of 20.16 UAH/$ 1.

With BENISH GUARD you have complete control over the state of your own car, via mobile app or a personal page online. Operators of Benish GPS dispatch center work around the clock, and if your car is in danger, they react immediately - rapidly call you and send the notification. Also if needed they can lock the movement of the vehicle and call the police patrol.

The figures say about the BENISH GUARD effectiveness. There was no theft in 12 years!

Do not lose your time for presenting peace and security to your loved ones. Hurry up to buy BENISH GUARD with the special fixed rate of 20.16 UAH/$ 1, because there are only two weeks left till the end of proposal.

For detailed information please call (044) 49 44 999 or visit the company website