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18 August


According to the State Statistics Service for the first half of 2017, the volume of Ukrainian exports of goods and services increased by 28% compared to the previous year, while imports and transit traffic remained at the same level. For managers of businesses who are engaged in such activities, are very important to control the safety and delivery of goods. The key to this task can be a small and reliable lock, which once and for all will solve the problem of safe transportation of material values.

Electronic lock BeniLock is a system for ensuring the integrity of objects, which is a combination of a strong padlock and modern GPS technology. Data about the location of the lock and any impact on it are processed by software, thanks to which the owner receives information within a few seconds: vibration during sawing the shackle, blows on the lock, heating of the lock, regular opening. All the data that comes from the lock is generated in the reports. Generation of reports can take place both for the total number of locks, and for each unit separately.

Principle of operation of BeniLock

The advantages that the BeniLock gives to the business owner:

  • Increase of security level and remote control of access to cargo during transportation and storage
  • Increasing the efficiency of the workflow
  • Prevent unauthorized opening of the cargo and changing routes
  • Ability to restore the history of events
  • Reduce the cost of property insurance

The benefit of acquiring BeniLock is not only in economic performance, but also in convenience and ease of use. The lock can be hung even in a remote location, as lock doesn’t require any additional wiring or sensors. A removable battery will work without recharging up to 42 days.

The roaming service is automatically turned on when cargo leave the country. Benish GPS provides data transmission in 43 countries*.

The efficiency of the use of the BeniLock by the largest logistics, FMCG, pharmaceutical, leasing and insurance companies in Ukraine confirms its relevance, reliability and cost-effectiveness in optimizing logistics processes and guaranteeing the secure transportation of goods.

*Valid in the following countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, , Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montserrat, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Switzerland and Sweden.