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18 January


Every year there is a big amount of snow clearing vehicles, watering, roads repairing equipment and much more on Kyiv roads. At the end of December 2017 Kyiv authorities allocated 450 units of equipment for removing the first snow from the streets. But how the drivers can find out what roads they can easily drive, and what roads are still under the snow so you can get into the traffic jam? To do this, the Kyiv City Council in cooperation with Benish GPS installed the GPS-monitoring system on snow clearing vehicles so that everyone could see what Kyiv roads are cleaned from drifts within Kyiv Smart City project.

It should be reminded; that the concept of Kyiv Smart City is designed for integrated and comprehensively developing the city's infrastructure: transportation, entertainment, business, culture, etc. Globally this idea gained popularity at the beginning of the XXI century and, according to McKinsey forecasts, by 2020 there will be about 600 "smart" cities in the world. In Kyiv, Smart City strategy has been implementing for two years: starting from a e-ticket for all transport types to "smart" lighting systems. As for now, you can use another advantage of the "smart city": online monitoring system of technical transport.

The equipment, installed on all units of the Road Operational Department and Kyivzelenbud transport, allows receiving such information as: vehicle location, movement within and leaving the established geozone, vehicle speed. All this information is received from the equipment into special software, which processes data from all vehicles and forms a single picture. The condition of the Kiev roads can be found on the website: This platform can be visited as guests and registered users for monitoring the situation online.

Benish GPS is a service provider and equipment installer. The project has already started its work successfully and soon other Ukraine cities will join it. Benish GPS has previously worked with city authorities within Kyiv Smart City project: has installed 6 thousand "smart" lighting devices on Kiev streets. The company individually approaches all projects and offers the best solution for any business or government structure.