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16 June


There is an opinion that satellite security systems are very expensive and owner of middle class cars can’t afford them.  So it was until Benish GPS company released Benish GUARD Premium system, which makes possible to gain an invaluable sense of security at a moderate price.

Benish GUARD Premium equipment is installed secretly and transmits signals about any unauthorized action. The system includes a keyboard that is located inside the vehicle. Only after entering the correct personal code, it is possible to start the engine and start driving. At the same time, the connection is made to the car power supply, but along with this, it doesn’t depend on it and can operate autonomously, which ensures uninterrupted data transfer to the dispatch center.

Benish GPS dispatch center provides round-the-clock control and in case of alarm the operator instantly communicates with the car owner. If necessary, the dispatcher can block the movement of the car and call the police to the scene.

In what cases the alarms signal will be sent to Benish GPS dispatch center?

  • The personal code of the car owner wasn’t entered within the set time
  • The perimeter of the vehicle is broken (unauthorized opening of doors, hood, trunk)
  • An attempt of unauthorized  car's ignition
  • The equipment has been disconnected from the vehicle power supply
  • The vehicle's battery charge has a critically low level.

In addition, the undoubted advantage is that the car owner can always track the status of his car through the application Olympia Tracking, which allows to determine the location, view the travel history and current status of the systems. The application was created for smartphones based on Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) and available for free download.

Also, we want to highlight the advantages of the Benish GUARD Premium system:

Reliable protection of the car against theft on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders

  • 24-hour support by the dispatch center
  • Call emergency response services in case of emergency situations
  • Installation of the system by specialists from authorized dealer centers
  • European quality equipment at an affordable price

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the system is recommended for installation by automakers, auto importers and dealers and meets high European quality standards.

Benish GUARD Premium is perfect for most Japanese, French and Korean cars in the price category up to 1 million UAH. And the owner of the car can be confident in safety due to the uninterrupted operation of the system and round-the-clock operation of the dispatch center.