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05 May

Benish GPS Dispatch Center has prevented a car theft.

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The Benish GPS Dispatch Center has prevented a car theft.

On the 10th of April an attempt of carjacking of AVIS Company’s car Toyota Prado was recorded in Lutsk. The car was equipped with Benish GPS vehicle monitoring system and was leased by the client of AVIS Company.

At 12:00 PM an alarm was received by the Benish GPS Dispatch Center. According to the instructions all the information about the fixed alarm event was passed by Benish GPS operator to AVIS representative and the State Traffic Department’s patrol was directed to the current car location. Within few minutes a car was found at the service station onside the industrial area of the city. The further coordination of alarm events was handled by the State Traffic Patrol Department officer.

“Avis fleet is equipped with Benish GPS satellite monitoring system for already more than 3 years. During the time of our cooperation we do not worry about the destiny of each Avis fleet’s car regardless its exploitation region. Prevention of Toyota Prado hijacking attempt is eloquent argument of such confidence. While choosing a car rental company the Benish GPS monitoring system starts to be an additional competitive factor for our customers as this security measure ensure the safety of a rented car.”

Andrey Bovenko Director of transportation and rental services of Avis Ukraine

“With the current price of Toyota Prado from 50 000 USD to 80 000 USD depending on the configuration the price of Benish GPS monitoring system is less than 0.5% and includes the additional options comprising the car safety.”

Vladimir Gordeev Sales Director of Benish GPS

The Benish GPS Dispatch Center works around the clock and seven days a week. Its main objective is a rapid response to any car alarms with further clarifying of the causes and conditions of their appearance. Preventing of AVIS Company’s car theft is the result of such work.


Avis is the world biggest car rental and leasing Corporation. It numbers about 5 000 offices in 185 countries and has more than 60 years old history.

Avis Ukraine provides services in Ukraine since October 1997. Total company's fleet as of today is above 2 000 cars of various models.