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16 March


Today online services and mobile applications that are aimed to help drivers on the road are becoming more and more popular. Among those: applications for navigation or searching the nearest gas station, accounting the costs of the car and, of course, assistance on the road. For several months, Ukrainian drivers have a unique mobile application - "Yellow Button". Downloading the application to the smartphone, the driver receives expert advice in the 24/7 mode and a wide range of assistance on the road, namely: wheel replacement, fuel delivery, car evacuation to the nearest service station, car battery recharging, emergency locks, legal support on the road and departure emergency commissioner to the scene of an accident. In addition to 24-hour assistance, the service provides its users with the opportunity to receive special discounts from British Auto Club partners. The partner in the sphere of security is Benish GPS.

"The key factors in choosing partners for us are: innovation, honesty, accessibility and relevance of offers in the segment of car owners," - commented in the British Auto Club.

Starting in March, under the terms of the partnership, all users of "Yellow Button" mobile application receive a unique opportunity to purchase the satellite security system Benish GUARD in any of the 4 configuration. When buying a system for one car, the discount is 10%, and if you have two or more cars for which you want to install Benish GUARD, then you will get a 15% discount on the system for each car. The subscription fee is paid within the chosen system configuration, and the cost of installation depends on the car brand.

The satellite security system Benish GUARD will reliably protect the car from theft, providing an alert for unauthorized entry and external impact on the car. The key element of car safety is Benish GPS 24-hour dispatch center. When receiving a signal about a non-emergency situation, dispatchers react immediately, notify the car owner, and if necessary, can muffle the car's engine or call a police patrol. In addition, updated information on the car status and location can be obtained at dispatch center and using the mobile application Olympia Tracking.


To take advantage of favorable conditions for protecting your car from theft, you need to activate the promotional code for a discount on the satellite security system Benish GUARD via mobile application "Yellow button". To receive a discount for the selected system configuration, you need to provide received code to Benish GPS manager on 044 49 44 997. As a pleasant bonus, companies are given the opportunity to use the service for free within 1 month. To do this, you need to download the application and enter the promo code 6AZHB8 when registering.

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